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3 rows where Foreign_Principal = "South Europe-U.S.A. Freight Conference" sorted by Zip

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Suggested facets: Registration_Number, Registrant_Date, Foreign_Principal_Termination_Date (date), Foreign_Principal_Registration_Date (date), Registrant_Date (date)



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Link rowid Foreign_Principal_Termination_Date Foreign_Principal Foreign_Principal_Registration_Date Country/Location_Represented Registration_Number Registrant_Date Registrant_Name Address_1 Address_2 City State Zip ▼
6910 1991-05-31 South Europe-U.S.A. Freight Conference 1990-08-31 INTERNATIONAL 3452 3452 1983-03-17 Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, L.L.P. Washington     DC  
8250 1991-06-30 South Europe-U.S.A. Freight Conference 1990-07-13 INTERNATIONAL 4391 4391 1990-06-29 Kreuger, Ralph W. New Orleans     LA  
11663 1987-09-30 South Europe-U.S.A. Freight Conference 1987-07-21 INTERNATIONAL 3452 3452 1983-03-17 Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, L.L.P. Genoa        

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CREATE TABLE [FARA_All_ForeignPrincipals] (
   [Foreign_Principal_Termination_Date] TEXT,
   [Foreign_Principal] TEXT,
   [Foreign_Principal_Registration_Date] TEXT,
   [Country/Location_Represented] TEXT,
   [Registration_Number] INTEGER,
   [Registrant_Date] TEXT,
   [Registrant_Name] TEXT,
   [Address_1] TEXT,
   [Address_2] TEXT,
   [City] TEXT,
   [State] TEXT,
   [Zip] TEXT,
   FOREIGN KEY([Registration_Number]) REFERENCES [FARA_All_Registrants]([Registration_Number])