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3 rows where City = "Washington " and State = "DC"

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  • Washington · 3
Registration_Number ▼ Registration_Date Termination_Date Name Business_Name Address_1 Address_2 City State Zip
6205 2014-01-21 2018-01-18 Conover + Gould Strategic Communications, Inc.   3520 Connecticut Avenue, NW #41 Washington DC 20008
6593 2018-09-17 2018-10-01 Munson, Naomi Decter   4000 Massachusetts Avenue, NW   Washington DC 20016
6941 2021-03-22   Moonlight International LLC   600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW Suite 600 Washington DC 20037

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CREATE TABLE [FARA_All_Registrants] (
   [Registration_Number] INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
   [Registration_Date] TEXT,
   [Termination_Date] TEXT,
   [Name] TEXT,
   [Business_Name] TEXT,
   [Address_1] TEXT,
   [Address_2] TEXT,
   [City] TEXT,
   [State] TEXT,
   [Zip] TEXT,
   FOREIGN KEY([Registration_Number]) REFERENCES [FARA_All_Registrants]([Registration_Number])