List of all short form registrants (active and terminated)

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1 row where City = "Bethesda", Registrant_Name = "Hendricks, Marshall L." and "Short_Form_Date" is on date 1977-12-07

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Suggested facets: Short_Form_Termination_Date (date), Registration_Date (date)


Short_Form_Date (date)

  • 1977-12-07 · 1



  • Hendricks, Marshall L. · 1


  • Bethesda · 1
Link rowid ▼ Short_Form_Termination_Date Short_Form_Date Short_Form_Last_Name Short_Form_First_Name Registration_Number Registration_Date Registrant_Name Address_1 Address_2 City State Zip
24579 1978-08-01 1977-12-07 Churchwell Yongeui Song 2848 2848 1977-11-25 Hendricks, Marshall L. Post Office Box 30070   Bethesda MD 20814

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CREATE TABLE [FARA_All_ShortForms] (
   [Short_Form_Termination_Date] TEXT,
   [Short_Form_Date] TEXT,
   [Short_Form_Last_Name] TEXT,
   [Short_Form_First_Name] TEXT,
   [Registration_Number] INTEGER,
   [Registration_Date] TEXT,
   [Registrant_Name] TEXT,
   [Address_1] TEXT,
   [Address_2] TEXT,
   [City] TEXT,
   [State] TEXT,
   [Zip] TEXT,
   FOREIGN KEY([Registration_Number]) REFERENCES [FARA_All_Registrants]([Registration_Number])