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Link rowid ▼ Foreign_Principal_Termination_Date Foreign_Principal Foreign_Principal_Registration_Date Country/Location_Represented Registration_Number Registrant_Date Registrant_Name Address_1 Address_2 City State Zip
268   Government of National Unity of Libya (through Mercury International UK Ltd.) 2019-04-26 LIBYA 6170 6170 2013-05-14 Mercury Public Affairs, LLC Tariq Al Seka Ben Ashour District Tripoli    
908 2008-01-01 Prof Eng. Matoug M. Matoug Secretary of General People's Committee for Manpower, Training and Employment 2005-08-16 LIBYA 5703 5703 2005-08-16 International Relief Fund, Inc.     Tripoli    
2717 2020-02-26 Government of National Accord Libya, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2019-05-02 LIBYA 6377 6377 2016-09-19 Prime Policy Group Ahmed Maiteeq Ben Ashour District Tripoli    
7199 2008-06-02 Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (Libya) 2008-02-06 LIBYA 4929 4929 1994-07-22 Blank Rome, LLP Secretariat of Justice Courts Complex Al Sadi Street Tripoli    
7480 2006-06-13 The World Center for the Studies and Research of the Green Book/The Qaddafi 2005-08-08 LIBYA 5702 5702 2005-08-08 Mena Cultural and Communication Center, Inc. Al Fatteh Tower 3rd Floor Tripoli    
8592 2011-07-01 General People's Committee of Libya 2011-05-06 LIBYA 6037 6037 2011-05-06 Monitor Company Group LP P.O. Box 4581   Tripoli    
16091 2007-12-31 General People's Committee of Libya 2011-08-12 LIBYA 6055 6055 2011-08-12 W2 Group, Inc. P.O. Box 4581   Tripoli    

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   FOREIGN KEY(Registration_Number) REFERENCES FARA_All_Registrants(Registration_Number)